Many of us have been fascinated by reading the book Robinson Crusoe by Defoe.  In this literary masterpiece we see the story of a shipwrecked man who contrives to make many things necessary to his survival.  Without previous training or knowledge in these things, he managed to make his house, his clothes and his own implements. He managed to grow and prepare his own grain for food, and slay his own meat.

Eventually, he had made for himself a fairly comfortable existence, even including many luxuries, and many a young boy in reading the book has envied his rather idyllic lifestyle.

And ye, Robinson Crusoe actually created nothing.  Without the raw materials which were available to him, he would have died.  There is only one Creator in all the universe, and that one is God.  The Bible tells us that the Triune God -- Father, Son and Holy Spirit -- made all things.  Man can take these things that God has created, and fashion them into many wonderful things.

It is truly amazing what man has been able to make out of these elements, and how he can harness the powers of the universe to serve him, and yet, without the creative work of God to bring forth all these things from nothing, man wold be utterly helpless.

​Common sense will tell us that man, with all his cunning and intelligence, could not have made the earth on which he lives and, of course, he could not have made himself.  The Psalmist says, "It is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves."

When man refuses to acknowledge that God is theCreator, he comes up with all kinds of ideas concerning the origin of all things, but these are without a firm foundation. Believe it, "All things were made by him."