The  Wondrous  Name  of  Jesus

Oh, do you know the wondrous name of Jesus?

Saviour of the world is He.

In every clime His name has been exalted,

Over every land and sea.

Through all this world of sin it is a beacon,

As a morning star it shines.

It gives me hope and causes me to triumph;

Through Him victory is mine.

His name gives heavenly peace for every heartache,

Comforts me and gives me rest,

The name of Jesus quiets storms and anguish,

Brings a calm within my breast.

When every other name has lost its power,

Jesus' name is still the same.

His beauty will see through all the anges,

And His praise we will proclaim.

There's no other name like that of Jesus;

There's none in all this world beside;

For there's no other name can give salvation;

In His love I will abide.

                                                           ~~ Allan Tornberg

                                                                (translated by Violet Nelson)