There's Always a Springtime

                                        -- Jean Brabham Mckinney

After the winter comes the spring

To show us again that in everything

There's always renewal divinely planned,

Flawlessly perfect, the work of God's Hand...

And just like the seasons that come and go

When the flowers of spring lie buried in snow,

God sends to the heart in its winter of sadness

A springtime awakening, of new hope, and gladness.

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Where in the Bible do you find the woman who renamed herself Mara:

Vacation Bible School

July 16 - 20 - 2018


Answer to last week's question:

Fling It Out

                            -- Captain Jack Crawford

When a bit of kindess hits ye,

After passing of a cloud,

When a bit of laughter gets ye,

And your spine is feeling proud,

                         Don't forget to up and fling it

                         At a soul that's feeling blue,

                         For the moment that you sling its,

                         It's a boomerang to you.

​Where in the Bible do you find Barnabas sailing to Cyprus with John Mark?  Acts 15:39

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